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Ministry of the Environment:

  • address: Wawelska Str. 52/54, 00-922 Warsaw, Poland
  • phone: (+48 22) 36-92-900
  • helpline: (+48) 222-500-136
  • e-mail: info@mos.gov.pl

Contacts to management:

  • Henryk Kowalczyk - Minister of the Environment
    phone (+48 22) 36-92-400, 36-92-222, fax (+48 22) 36-92-224
  • Mariusz Orion Jędrysek - Secretary of State, Chief National Geologist
    phone (+48 22) 36-92-337, fax (+48 22) 36-92-450
  • Małgorzata Joanna Golińska - Secretary of State, Chief Nature Conservator
    phone (+48 22) 36-92-377, fax (+48 22) 36-92-511
  • Michał Kurtyka - Secretary of State,
    phone (+48 22) 36-92-326,
  • Sławomir Mazurek - Undersecretary of State
    phone (+48 22) 36-92-793, fax (+48 22) 36-92-588

Contacts to departments:


Website bip.mos.gov.pl editor-in-chief:

Jarosław Mielnik
phone (+48 22) 36-92-736, fax (+48 22) 36-92-473
e-mail: jaroslaw.mielnik@mos.gov.pl


Notice on the execution of the right under the Act of 19 August 2011 on sign language and other means of communication (Journal of Laws of 2011, No. 209, item 1243)

The customers of the Ministry of the Environment in Warsaw may use a sign language interpreter or a guide-interpreter when dealing in office.

An authorised person that intends to use the services of an interpreter is to notify the Office at least 3 working days in advance of the planned event (i.e. the planned visit to the office), with the exception of urgent circumstances.

Notifications may be submitted by the following means:

  • per e-mail on: biuro.dyrektora.generalnego@mos.gov.pl
  • in a letter (3 days apply from the day of receipt of the notification by the Office)
  • by phone – with the help of a third party, on (+48 22) 36-92-523
  • by fax on (+48 22) 36-92-524

The notification should also include information about the preferred method of communication (Polish Sign Language, Signed Polish, means of communication of deaf and mute persons) and a short description of the matter concerned.

The services of interpreter for people with disabilities as defined in the Act of 27 August 1997 on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons (Journal of Laws, of 1997, No. 123, item 776) are free of charge.

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