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Summary of PreCOP conference in Krakow

The PreCOP conference in Krakow, which was attended by about 40 delegations from all over the world, as well as representatives of businesses, has come to an end. The meeting preceded the COP24 climate summit, which will be held in Katowice in December.

Last Tuesday (23.10.2018), representatives of about 40 delegations from all over the world met in Krakow to talk about the most pressing negotiation challenges that await them during the COP24 summit in Katowice. Issues pertaining to climate financing, transparency of actions taken, adaptation and emission reductions were particularly important during the conference. PreCOP participants were invited to take part in four working groups where these issues were discussed.

“As the Polish Presidency, we have built an atmosphere of constructive dialogue, testing possible solutions and building compromises. However, we are still facing an enormous challenge. We now have to work on hundreds of pages of difficult, technical text we are negotiating,” said Vice-Minister of Environment, Michał Kurtyka. 

Business for the climate

During PreCOP, Vice-Ministers of Environment Michał Kurtyka and Sławomir Mazurek met with business representatives.

On Monday (22.10.2018), during the first day of the conference in Krakow, representatives of businesses from around the world joined the elite group of people shaping future solutions for climate change. During three workshop sessions devoted to electromobility, energy and the cities of the future in 2048, CEOs and representatives of the largest enterprises discussed the challenges facing them. The goal of the final debate was to find answers to the question of achieving the vision of a climate-neutral economy.

“We want to involve business representatives in our activities, show what opportunities are opening up in connection with environmental protection, but also what challenges we are going to face in the future. We analyse what kind of actions should be taken by the governments having this in mind – what regulations should be introduced in order to help business build new areas of activities and focus on innovation, but at the same time not to make these requirements unreasonable or too far-reaching. Finding the right balance between ambition and feasibility was a very important element of our discussion,” said Vice-Minister Kurtyka.

About PreCOP

PreCOP is a meeting of representatives of global business and government delegations preceding the COP24 Climate Summit in Katowice. Its open formula creates a space for holding inspiring discussions, exchanging arguments and finding solutions before the start of the full-scope formal negotiations with almost 200 countries during the COP24 Summit in December.

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