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Meeting of the Tripartite Industry Group on Miners’ Social Security

The Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk and Vice-Minister Michał Kurtyka took part in the meeting of the Tripartite Industry Group on Miners’ Social Security, dedicated to the upcoming COP24 Climate Summit.

Minister Henryk Kowalczyk highlighted the importance of the event organised by Poland and recalled Polish priorities and objectives for the COP24 Summit.


“We want COP24 to play a historic role and become a meeting of representatives of the world where decisions will be adopted to ensure the full implementation of the Paris Agreement in an atmosphere of dialogue and openness,” stated the Minister.


Minister Kowalczyk pointed out that Poland has the opportunity and the obligation to share the experience of a deep transformation of an industrial region such as Silesia. He argued that the city of Katowice is a model example of how the policy of transformation carried out consistently for many years helps to create conditions for the development of innovative enterprises and new jobs.


“The COP24 Presidency is an opportunity to present Poland as a leader involved in the creation of a global climate policy, as well as our achievements in the sustainable transformation of industry and economy in the region,” said Vice-Minister Kurtyka.

“That is why we are pleased with the interest of the society. Only a dialogue with all parties will enable the development of a joint agreement,” the Vice-Minister added.


Vice-Minister of Environment Michał Kurtyka also stressed that COP24 will be a great opportunity to exchange experiences, concerning in particular the political, economic and social transition process. At the same time, they will help to speed up institution-building in developing countries to support the implementation of national policies for sustainable development.


UN COP24 Summit


COP24 or the 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will take place on the 3rd – 14th of December 2018 in Katowice. The event will be attended by nearly 30000 delegates from all over the world, including heads of governments and ministers responsible for environment and climate issues.


The plan for the COP24 summit is to adopt a full package implementing the Paris Agreement. The Agreement is the first international agreement in history, which compels all countries in the world to take action on climate protection. The implementation package will allow for the implementation of the Agreement in practice. It will thus set global climate and energy policy for the coming years.

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